Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Windsor to Hampton Court

Miles 20.2 Locks 8
We had given up making Hampton Court today because of the rain. The day started ok in Windsor but got bad by Staines. We moored on the 24 hr mooring at Lalham and settled down for the day. After about 2 hours the weather improved and we set off again reaching H.C. by 6 pm. Todays pic is of the bridge at Hampton Court lookin up river.
We are hoping that the weather will be good enough to let us visit the gardens tomorrow.
Yesterday we visited the British Museum - One day is not enough - and the crowds don't help. Took M on a shopping therapy trip to BHS on Oxford Road. We went into London by train from Windsor and then used our bus passes to move around. The info at bus stops and on the busses is fab - wish it were that good in G.M.
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