Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Maidenhead to Henley to Wargrave Marshes

Monday 27 June 2011
Miles 15.5 Locks 7
We should have stayed in bed today but it started out hot so we set off hoping that our travelling on the river would give a cool breeze. No, Boulters lock failed after we had entered and we had to wait for a temporary fix to get us up to the next level. This had a nock on effect with long waits at all the other locks. We didnt reach Henley untill 5.30 and we were feeling pooped by then and settled down to have tea. Then we discovered that the overnight mooring fee was GBP 40.00 because it was " Regatta Week" nothing going on other than high mooring charges. After Tea we moved up through Marsh Lock and moored on the Wargarve Marshes and sat out untill about 10 pm. Henleys loss, I wonder how many other boats just passed through rather than pay an exorbitant fee, and not spending in the town too. Boris would be Fuming if he was still their MP.
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