Tuesday, March 30, 2010

NCCC Opening Cruise Sunady 28 March 2010

Our first time out this year on the North Cheshire Cruising Club's opening cruise from Bridge 12 on the Macclesfield Canal to Bridge 20 and return.
The convoy on its way out
Just after Bridge 20 turn around, boats moving in both directions. As we arrived back at the moorings we noticed that the domestic water pump was coming on for short periods . Quick looks behind the sofa showed we had a leak in the same area as before. the system was turned off and left till next day when it was found that the pipe that had come off due to ice earlier needed replacing. This was done so hopefully we should be O.K. for this weekends trip to Bugsworth Basin.
There follows a short video showing the boats getting ready between bridges 11 and 12 and the boats passing near Br 20, starting with the Commodore on the Vice's boat as hers had developed a fault part way along the trip.

Green Lane Aqueduct Further update

The contractors have been on site again most of last week. I havn't had time to look or take any photo but last wednesday the leak had stopped again so I presume the dams have gon in again. the machine that lifted the puddle up to the towpath was there so they were up to something. I should be avle to visit the site Tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Green Lane Aqueduct Update

The dams have been removed and the aqueduct re watered but the wall below is still leaking. The day after this machine was used to lift extra puddle up to the towpath.
Later in the day this was the scene still got the temp fence round the place where the
cement grout was added.
Another view of "The place where the leak was" showing the puddle that has not even been
tramped down.
A view from the top showing the aqueduct walls still leaking.
I wonder if B.W. will be paying their contractors for "nearly fixing the leak?".

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Green Lane Aqueduct Update

The dams are still in place on the Lower Peak Forest Canal at Green Lane Aqueduct in Romiley as work to fix a long standing leak takes place .

The section of canal dammed off is quite short and includes about 40ft of canal as well at the aqueduct.

The leak has been found and the bank behind the waterwall has been excavated to reveal the void created by the leak. a liquid slurry of sand and cement is being pumped up and allowed to flow into the void.

This is the machine making the slurry and pumping it up to the canal level from the road under the aqueduct

Work continues. I will report progress next week.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Lower Peak Forest Canal.

At last B.W. are doing something about the leak at the Green Lane Aqueduct on the Lower Peak Forest Canal in Romiley. The leak was greater than 20 ltrs per minute and had started in the inner arch of the aqueduct and in the last year had spread to one outer wall. this week two dams were erected either end of the aqueduct and the water pumped out. This is the first time for over a year I have not seen water pouring out of the wall. Lets hope they manage to fix it now.

I will follow the progress with interest and report as things develop.

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