Wednesday, August 27, 2008


After yesterdays exertions today was one to relax have a beer and a burger and spend some time chatting to others at the event. The Sunday evening entertainment was a music quiz run by the RC. Our team was not too sucessful - we were not good at music.

Saturday nights entertainment.

The Tea Tent.

The Games Tent.

On Bank Holiday Monday it was packup day and we took down the marquees and packed almost everything onto a pontoon and took the whole lot back to High Lane. Apart from the marks on the grass you wouldn't know we had been there.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

NCCC Annual BBQ Day 1

Saturday Events
After going to Bollington for a paper and some bread we settled down to some serious lazing around before we set off for a walk from Whiteley Green to White Nancy the Folly above Bollington. The walk up was done the easy way until the last 50 ft when we had to climb the final steep part of the hill. Tonight we will be entertained by “live” musiciant in the marquee. There are about 25 boats here for the main event – the annual BBQ – tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Last Day Adlington to High Lane

11 August 2008
Miles 2.5 Locks 0
A short trip this morning to the High Lane Arm . We took only essentials and laundry off the boat as we wanted to take J home before we started unloading in ernest. This will be the last post for some time as we have no plans as to when we will be using the boat again. I will E-Mail all the regular readers when I update next.
A Summary of our Trip is as follows
We were on the boat for 8 weeks (56 days)
We went on 7 different canals and 2 Rivers
Saw two aerobatic displays performed by WWII fighter Aircraft
Attended one wedding.
Travelled 643 miles and passed through 330 locks

Bosley Bottom Lock to Adlington (Miners Arms)

10 August 2008
Miles 11.5 Locks 12

This is the penultimate day of our summer cruise with a climb up Bosley locks and a lock free run up to Adlington. We had decided to stop two and a half miles from our home mooring in High Lane so that we could go to the Miners Arms for a meal. After an excelent meal we went back to the boat and played UNO a wicked card game where you have to get out and dump as many cards on the other players as you could. I was chatting to another boater when the first round was dealt and the others thought they would "Fix" my hand. Fortunatly they had not realised the concequences of giving me all the same colour and I won easily as they could not follow having taken the colours they gave me from their hands. That is where my good luck ran out and I didnt win another hand with J winning overall.

I have included a photo of what appears to be BWs idea of essential repairs to the wall that collapsed in Macclesfield earlier this year. No sign of any attempt to re-instate the wall just two buttresses to prevent any further collapse and keeping the towpath from the site to Gurnet Aquaduct closed. So much for Access to the Waterways for the walkers and fishermen of Macclesfield.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Rode Heath to Bosley Bottom Lock

Miles 13 locks 13
A day dominated by the rain. We were caught without our wet weather gear as we went up the Church Lawton locks and as we got to the top we were soaked so we stopped for lunch a game of Battleships and a rest. J suggested that we carry on so we got our wet weather gear on and set off. At the Red Bull BW yard we wanted to do a pump-out only to find a hire boat moored across the pump-out point and water point with the crew in the pub. We managed to get the business done after moving the offending boat into the space vacated by another boat. Pics are back with us coming up the first lock today before it started to rain. The late afternoon was dry but the rain started again after we had moored up at Bosley Bottom Lock.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Middlewich to Rode Heath

Miles 9.7 Locks 18
No queues today a fine run up to Rode Heath with J doing locks for the first time. had to reward him with dinner at the Broughton Arms. No pics tonight something has gone wrong with the memory card in the camera. Hope to fix it for tomorrow.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Nantwich to Middlewich

We have spent 2 hours today queuing at Cholmondeston and Stanthorn locks on the Middlewich branch. Still the weather is fine. J joined the crew tonight so we celebrated with a fish & chip supper. Up to Rode heath tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Audlum to Nantwich

We had a really good run down the locks to Nantwich, there was a boat coming the other way at each lock making the job much easier and quicker. We left the top of the Audlum flight at 7.35 am and arrived in Nantwich just after 11.30 am. After lunch we went for a browse around the nearby candlery and bought some diesel bug killer. We also got our first glimps of Mow Cop and The Cloud that will dominate our view in the last few days of this cruise. We will stay in Nantwich and visit the market tomorrow.

Coven to Gnosall to Audlum

5 August 2008
Miles 18.4 Locks 12
No internet signal yesterday so a double post tonight – I Hope. The Shroppie above Gnosall in the drizzle is the last place to bee – long cuttings, Long embankments and long lines of moored boats with Slow Down at the start of their moorings. The queue at Tyrley top lock was 5 Boats and it took over an hour to get started down the locks. We are currently moored between locks 2 and 3 on the Audlum flight. It has stopped raining so that is one blessing for today. Plenty of traffic on the canal even as I type at 7 pm. No photos today due to the rain.

4 August 2008
Miles 16 Locks 2
We are now on the Shroppie. After the stop lock at Autherly Junction the only other lock we had to go through today was at Wheaton Aston and all the time we were waiting in a queue of at least six boats. The end of the queue was beyond the bridge 200 yds back from the bridge. For those who may be coming this way the Pumpout and elsan disposal are both out of order with a “BW Aware” notice on them. I knew there were problems but it seems to be taking a long time to fix. Still everything has a nice coat of fresh black or white paint so BW must have some money to spend. A good job we had our pumpout yesterday at Gailey. The only good thing to write about Wheaton Aston is that diesel is 71.9p/ltr. We also saw C&G on Rowton Moor by the lock and they have just passed us on the mooring at Gnosall. Todays pics are from either side of the bridge by the Boat Inn at Gnosall.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Hopwas to Colwick to Covern

Miles 19.1 Locks 13
We have now reached the top level of the Staffs and Worcs canal and are moored by the Anchor pub at Coven. We left Colwick early to avoid any queues that might come from the boats visiting last nights Proms concert at Shuggborough Hall. As we approached Haywood lock we passed F&C in Hakuna Matatta and I&E in Moonlight Shadow. The early start was rewarded with a good run up the Staffs and Worcs. Even more so when we got to Gailey and found diesel at 75 pence per litre. We also managed to get one of the press studs on our front cover replaced as we passed the mooring of the guy who made the cover two years ago. Photo at Deptmore Lock.

2 August 2008
Miles 20.1 Locks 5
We need to reach Middlewich by next Friday to pick up J who will be joining us for the last few days of our trip so we consulted Canal Plan and using the “Plan a Journey” section and inserting “6 hours per day” travel. It indicated that we had to get to Armitage from our overnight mooring at Hopwas. As it turned out we had a relatively quick passage through Fradley Junction and we thought that Tixal Wide could be reached with a couple of extra hours. We did not take into account of Colwick lock (Long Wait) or that there was to be a “Proms Concert” at Shuggborough with a Spitfire flypast and fireworks. We thought there would be no chance of a mooring at Tixal so we stopped at Colwick where we could still hear the concert and see the aerobatics and fireworks. Photo at the top of Glascote locks yesterday.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Br 81 to Sutton Stop to Hopwas

No post last night as we went to the Greyhound pub for dinner. Nice it was too. Our intended stop for today was Polesworth but as we had agood run down Atherstone locks we got there earlier than expected. We decided to cary on only to hit a queue of boats at Glascote locks so we didn't reach Hopwas untill late.

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