Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bosley Bottom Lock to Adlington (Miners Arms)

10 August 2008
Miles 11.5 Locks 12

This is the penultimate day of our summer cruise with a climb up Bosley locks and a lock free run up to Adlington. We had decided to stop two and a half miles from our home mooring in High Lane so that we could go to the Miners Arms for a meal. After an excelent meal we went back to the boat and played UNO a wicked card game where you have to get out and dump as many cards on the other players as you could. I was chatting to another boater when the first round was dealt and the others thought they would "Fix" my hand. Fortunatly they had not realised the concequences of giving me all the same colour and I won easily as they could not follow having taken the colours they gave me from their hands. That is where my good luck ran out and I didnt win another hand with J winning overall.

I have included a photo of what appears to be BWs idea of essential repairs to the wall that collapsed in Macclesfield earlier this year. No sign of any attempt to re-instate the wall just two buttresses to prevent any further collapse and keeping the towpath from the site to Gurnet Aquaduct closed. So much for Access to the Waterways for the walkers and fishermen of Macclesfield.

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