Saturday, August 09, 2008

Rode Heath to Bosley Bottom Lock

Miles 13 locks 13
A day dominated by the rain. We were caught without our wet weather gear as we went up the Church Lawton locks and as we got to the top we were soaked so we stopped for lunch a game of Battleships and a rest. J suggested that we carry on so we got our wet weather gear on and set off. At the Red Bull BW yard we wanted to do a pump-out only to find a hire boat moored across the pump-out point and water point with the crew in the pub. We managed to get the business done after moving the offending boat into the space vacated by another boat. Pics are back with us coming up the first lock today before it started to rain. The late afternoon was dry but the rain started again after we had moored up at Bosley Bottom Lock.

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