Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Trip Summary

I have done the initial stats. on our summer cruise.
We were on the boat for 7 weeks and 1 day
We travelled 552 Miles
We went through 279 locks
One Long Tunnel ( Harecastle both ways)
One Short Tunnel ( Newbold)
Two Opened out Tunnels (Armitage & Fenny)
We used 281 ltrs. of diesel
We have been on the Rivers Churnet, Cherwell and Tames.
The canals we have travelled along were:-
Macclesfield Canal
Trent & Mersey Canal
Coventry Canal
Northern and Southern Oxford Canal
Grand Union Canal.
I didn't get shouted at to slow down.

M still has some washing to do and I have lots of gardening to catch up on.

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bosley Bottom Lock to High Lane

Three posts today again as I catch up on the days where an internet connection was not available.
Miles 14.4 Locks 12
We set off at 6.15 this morning as there were several boats who arrived last night pointing our way. We reached the top by 8.00 just as it started to rain. It didn't stop until Bollington and even then there were heavy showers. We had a short wait when we reached our mooring when a boat had to be moved off . I had been checking all week and our mooring was clear so I didn't bother to ring the moorings officer to let him know when we were to get back.
One final panic as we got home I realised I had left my cameras on the roof of the boat so I had to go back to collect them. Good job we are only about 4 Miles from the moorings.
Trip summary will be published as soon as I sort out my GPS which decided to pack in a few miles from home (It gives me the daily mileage)
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Barleston to Bosley Bottom Lock

Miles 22.8 Locks 7
We are on the Macclesfield canal at last. This is the view of Bosley Lock No 12 looking North. 12 locks to go before home.
Waiting to enter Harecastle Tunnel
Leaving Harecastle Tunnel
Who would have thought it would be raining by 9 pm
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Rugely to Barleston

Miles 18.9 Locks 14
A good run up the Trent and Mersey canal passing through Stone where we were going to stop to look round but the locks were in our favour so we carried on to Barleston to moor near the Wedgwood Visitor Centre. It is also by the railway so there was an additional attraction.
In the sun at Barleston.
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Polesworth to Rugely

Miles 24.4 Locks 4
Tonights mooring at Rugely
Travelling alongside the A38 between Streethey and Fradley
There had been a gathering of boats at Alvechurch last weekend and most of the old working boats were still there when we passed this morning.
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hawksbury Junction to Polesworth

miles 15.7 Locks 12
We are moored on te visitor mooring at the southern end of Polesworth Village. We normally moor at the northern end so we thought we would have a change. There seems to be an interesting walk through the flood meadow we might try after tea.

I have waxed lyrical in the past over the working side pound at lock 6 on the Atherstone locks so here is a photo.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Napton Junction to Sutton Stop

Miles 26.7 Locks 3
Our mooring for tonight about 200 yds from Hawksbury Junction where the Northern Oxford Canal meets the Coventry canal North of Coventry. A signal post that was left behind when the Great Central main line was lifted.
Our Mooring neat Napton junction this morning just to prove that those who don't realise that there is a 7 o'clock in the morning
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Banbury to Napton Junction

Miles 22.3 Locks 21
A double day today with M working us to the summit level of the S Oxford Canaj and G working down the Napton Flight after that long tedious run between Fenny Compton and Marston Doles.
I spotted this pair of cast iron gates at the tail end of the Clayton flight, I have passed through several times but this is the first time I have noticed the gate construction. The gates seal quite well on just the cast iron faces.

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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Nell Bridge to Banbury

Miles 5.4 Locks 3
Welcome James to our Followers
M's delight we are moored right outside BHS
And right by the foot bridge
Two more unusual shots of the boat
we put the cover up in the hope that it would ward off the rain...... but it didn't work
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Friday, July 08, 2011

Thrupp to Nell Bridge

Miles 14.5 Locks 10
I wasn't sure whether to catch up with one long update or add one for each day . In the end I chose the latter so scroll down after this post to catch up since we arrived at Abingdon.
Well on the Southern Oxford canal now about 2 hrs cruise from Banbury. At Thrupp we were joind by Bones of canalworld fame up to Bakers lock and later we passed R&R in DICSOVERY No 1 moored at Ahyno. They had stopped because of the Rain. The forecast sunny periods and showers turned into Showers and then rain as the afternoon wore on. Todays pic is of the warning gauge at Bakers lock where the canal joins the River Cherwell. It shows that if the river rose another 2 inches it advises "Navigation With Caution" this at a time when the river is low due to the lack of rain it appears to be far too low in the water to be of practical use. Do I detect an over-cautious approach from BW on River Navigation. They will have to get used to river navigation if they are ever to manage the EA rivers in 2015 when they join the waterways trust. At this showing they will be shutting the rivers to navigation when normal flows return.

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Osney to Thrupp

Thursday 7 July 2011
Miles 8.5 Locks 6
Our last day on the River Thames and we meet a lock with propper balance beams as we reach Kings lock just before we turn off of the river.
On the 48 hr mooring at Thrupp
Another view of the mooring at Thrupp
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Abingdon to Osney

Wednesday 6 July 2011
Miles 9 Locks 4
We have moved up to Osney today and instead of visiting Oxford centre we decided to go the other way into Botley. We found that just beyond the laundrette ther were several "Out of Town" style shops and a small shopping precinct in Botley itself.I stopped off at Aldi on the way back from Botley and stocked up the wine celler which had run dry.
Later we walked the Thames path downriver to Folly Bridge then into town to catch the bus bacy to Osney.
Walking up into town from Folly Bridge
On Folly Bridge

The buildings on Folly Br Island

Looking downstream towards Folly Bridge

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3 4 5th July at Abingdon

Lazy days at Abingdon with one day visitingOxford on the bus . No pics as we were just sitting by the boat reading or watching the world go by.
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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Long Wittenham to Abingdon

This is the first time I have had a connection good enough to post the blog with pics so her goes with an update since reading.
Miles 5.5 Locks 2
We did get to see the Pendon railway Museum but it was only a fleeting visit arranged by the landlady of the Plough Pub after she told us we couldn@t stay on the mooring s this afternoon as a wedding reception had been booked and the mooring was required by the 100ft Salter Steamer that was delivering the guests to the pub. The asked one of the Pendon volounteer operators if we could enter earlier than the published opening time of 2 pm We had a threequarter hour guided tour with lots of looking into areas not usually seen and we were given complementary tickets as well. The donation I made was generous.

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Wallingford to Long Wittenham

Miles 8.7 Locks 2
Friday 1 July 2011
We have come up the weir stream to the moorings at the Plough with the intent of visiting the Pendon Railway Museum tomorrow afternoon. The museum only opens at weekends in the afternoon and a bit of planning was needed to be in the right place at the right time and get a mooring. So far so good.

On our way between Days lock and Clifton Hamdon we spotted this little gem.

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Goring to Wallingford

Thursday 30/6/11
Miles 6.2 Locks 2
We stopped at Wallingford again as the laundrette is so close to the moorings and M says that the machines complete the wash quite quickly. I had my first lesson at driving a Laundretted machine but I think I will need lots more training before I am left to do it myself - then there arethe dryers!!!
The pub where we ate that evening.

Moored on the opposite bank to the pub.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Reading to Goring

Miles 11.2 Locks 3
We are just two stations up the line from Reading At Goring. We stopped for a brief chat with R&S from Calluna just downstream of Mapledurham Lock.

Boats passing at Goring

Swans black and white as we left Reading

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wargrave to Reading

Miles 6.5 Locks 2
An even shorter day than we had originally planned by starting from Wargarve rather than Henley. Rain threatened all day and finally came as a thunder storm whilst we were on the bus into Reading from the Tesco moorings. Two views of the River Kennett as it passes through the Orical Centre.
Looking Upstream
Looking Downstream
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Maidenhead to Henley to Wargrave Marshes

Monday 27 June 2011
Miles 15.5 Locks 7
We should have stayed in bed today but it started out hot so we set off hoping that our travelling on the river would give a cool breeze. No, Boulters lock failed after we had entered and we had to wait for a temporary fix to get us up to the next level. This had a nock on effect with long waits at all the other locks. We didnt reach Henley untill 5.30 and we were feeling pooped by then and settled down to have tea. Then we discovered that the overnight mooring fee was GBP 40.00 because it was " Regatta Week" nothing going on other than high mooring charges. After Tea we moved up through Marsh Lock and moored on the Wargarve Marshes and sat out untill about 10 pm. Henleys loss, I wonder how many other boats just passed through rather than pay an exorbitant fee, and not spending in the town too. Boris would be Fuming if he was still their MP.
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Windsor to Maidenhead

Sunday 26 June 2011
Miles 6.9 locks 2
This is a view of Brunel's brick railway bridge at Maidenhead. actually i is in the centre as the bridge has been widened on either side since originally being built.
The scene at Boulters lock on a hot Sunday afternoon

The lock has filled with boats and the gatesare closing

The boats entering the lockwe had moored in the shade just below the lock and went for a stroll into the town centre. It was nice to go into the air-conditioned shops.
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Saturday, June 25, 2011

At Windsor

We are spending the day in Windsor and there is a Fete in the gardens nearby. As the afternoon progresses the sun is coming out and M has gone to watch the Duck Race.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Walton To Windsor

FRIDAY 24 June 2011

Miles 16.1 Locks 6

We are deffinately in big boat country. Our neighbour at the Baths Island Moorings at Windsor.

We shared Romney Lock with this work barge and its pusher/puller tugs , it took them ages to get the tow into the lock. We had to be up front too which made for rough water as the lock was filled.
The lock at Old Windsor was set for "Self Operate" and M brought the boat into the lock whilst I pressed the buttons.

Cool Kiddie is M

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hampton Court to Walton on Thames

Miles 4.9 Locks 2
A late start today as we had to wait untill 10 o,clock before we could visit the gardens at Hampton Court Palace. They were very interesting The view down the long lake had been spoilt by the temperory bridges that have been built for the RHS Flower Show that will be on in early July. It was fascinating though to see the early stages of the show gardens.

We set off back up the river after lunch and got caught by the "Self Operate"on the first lock at Molesy. We made it through though with the help of the crew of a boat waiting to come down.

We have also discovered Walton on Thames, we did not want to go toofar today as the availability of moorings is limited and to get to Runnymead would have meant operating Bell Weir lock ourselves, and I didn't fancy that so we stopped quite early on the 24 hr moorings at Walton and walked into town. We were supprised by the amount of shops there were quite a selection of the main high street stores. Lots of pubs too - there are three all by one another on the river by the moorings
Moorings at Walton on Thames
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Windsor to Hampton Court

Miles 20.2 Locks 8
We had given up making Hampton Court today because of the rain. The day started ok in Windsor but got bad by Staines. We moored on the 24 hr mooring at Lalham and settled down for the day. After about 2 hours the weather improved and we set off again reaching H.C. by 6 pm. Todays pic is of the bridge at Hampton Court lookin up river.
We are hoping that the weather will be good enough to let us visit the gardens tomorrow.
Yesterday we visited the British Museum - One day is not enough - and the crowds don't help. Took M on a shopping therapy trip to BHS on Oxford Road. We went into London by train from Windsor and then used our bus passes to move around. The info at bus stops and on the busses is fab - wish it were that good in G.M.
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Marlow to Windsor

Miles 13.6 Locks 4
We have reached Windsor and as we passed the station approach a train from Slough came in.
This is the grand entrance to the station now a shopping centre and the railway reduced to one platform and line.
I said in the last post that there were no other views to snap of Marlow. The lock entrance view proves the point.
We will be spending a few days at Windsor so a daily update may not be necessary. If anything exciting happens then I may post a report.
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