Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bosley Bottom Lock to High Lane

Three posts today again as I catch up on the days where an internet connection was not available.
Miles 14.4 Locks 12
We set off at 6.15 this morning as there were several boats who arrived last night pointing our way. We reached the top by 8.00 just as it started to rain. It didn't stop until Bollington and even then there were heavy showers. We had a short wait when we reached our mooring when a boat had to be moved off . I had been checking all week and our mooring was clear so I didn't bother to ring the moorings officer to let him know when we were to get back.
One final panic as we got home I realised I had left my cameras on the roof of the boat so I had to go back to collect them. Good job we are only about 4 Miles from the moorings.
Trip summary will be published as soon as I sort out my GPS which decided to pack in a few miles from home (It gives me the daily mileage)
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