Sunday, May 29, 2011

Br 86 Macclesfield Canal to Engine Lock Caldon Canal

28 May 2011
Miles 8.1 Locks 1 Long Tunnels 1
An early start today as we both were awake by 6am so we decided to set off early. After taking on water at Hall Green we carried on to the North end of Harecastle Tunnel where we were told that there would be a wait of about 40 mins for the northbound passage to emerge. Almost spot on time the tunnel was ready and we set off only to get a fisherman's keep net round the prop before we had even entered the tunnel. Quick work down the weed hatch and we were away loosing two places in the southbound convoy. The passage went smoothly but it was raining quite hard as we emerged from the southern portal. A quick scramble into our wet weather gear was rewarded by the rain stopping and we moored up close to the Toby Restaurant at China Gardens. Pictures tonight are of our mooring at Bridge 86 on the Macc with Mo Cop in the background and the northern end of the Harecastle Tunnel.

29 May 2011

Miles 6.5 Locks 4
Another relatively short day but not without incedent. I had to clear the bottom lock of the Bedford St staircase of 3 ducklings before we could use the lock, I also took the oportunity to take down the chimney in anticipation of the low bridges just before the Ivy House lift bridge, it turned pout to be unnecessary we got through with plenty of clearence. Down the weedhatch once again as we pulled up at the lift bridge - this time a piece of someone's zipper jacket.

Todays pic is of the lift bridge above Engine lock on the Caldon.

Friday, May 27, 2011

High Lane to Br 86 Macclesfield Canal

Miles 22.4 Locks 12
We have set off on our summer cruise. the first part is with the NCCC Commodor's cruise to the caldon canal. the higlight of today was the decent of Bosley locks in a decent tim of 1hr 50 Mins and a cruise in the late evening sunshine to bridge 86. Tomorrow will take us to China Gardens in Stoke on Trent after the passage of the Harecastle tonnel.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Notebook Test

Just having a Senior Moment. I couldn't remember if I had tested the blog update on this notepad using the Vodaphone dongle - so this is it and it seems to be working o.k.
I have used this image again as it had already been reduced to a pratical size to fit the blog.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Getting Ready

Only five days to go B4 we set off. :-) I have done an oil change including the filter and even bought a replacement (lesson learnt from May day hol, even got spare fuel filters). We are busy packing cloths and getting other things that will (I hope) make us self sufficient on our cruise (we will have RCR as a backup). I also hope to get the gunnels painted black rather than Middle Green as they have been ever since we bought the boat. It should make it easier to keep tidy. I have just received the NCCC Commodores Caldon Cruise itinerary so it looks like we will be at Bridge 85 on the Macc on Friday night all going well!.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Easter and May Day Bank holidays

We sailed from our moorings in Highlane to Bugsworth Basin on Thursday in the main to get a mooring as we knew there would be lots of boats there as the Nccc were having their annual competitions and would be putting on two evenings of entertainment. Both events were well attended as there was an open invitation for all boaters to attend the events as a fund raising effort for IWPS the group that look after and develop the basin.

Boats in the Middle Basin by the small arm.
Gralyn Moored in the Lower Arm
Boats in the lower basin

The weather stayed fine all the weekend and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. There was also contingents of boats from Tudor Boat Club ( Ashton Canal) and Stoke Boat Club (Caldon canal).
Like most, for us the May Day Holiday started with the Royal Wedding and a BBQ at Highlane followed by a cruise to Whiteley Green by bridge 24 on the Macclesfield canal. After our BBQ on the Friday evening , Saturday was spent on an earlier than planned pre-summer maintenance session as the engine died at the start of the battery recharging session with fuel problems. Both water trap and engine fuel filters were filled with gunge. These were eventually replaced and the bottom of the fuel tank cleared of sludge and water ( not much as expected though we think that what there was had been moved as a result of the boat sitting on the bottom at its moorings). Still lesson learn, keep spare fuel filters on board and check them more frequently.

This Years Cruising Plans

We are joining the NCCC cruise to the Caldon Canal on the Spring Bank Holiday and then heading South and East to Lincoln and Boston with the intention of making a "New Run" on the South 40 ft Drain or Black Dyke as I think it is also called. The return will also include the River Soar and the GU Leicester section to Norton Junction (also a New Run). Once at Braunston plans are then open - depending on how we feel as the Thames is only a 3 day cruise away and we do like the Thames.

Next Blog entry should be as we set off on the Caldon trip

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