Friday, July 08, 2011

Thrupp to Nell Bridge

Miles 14.5 Locks 10
I wasn't sure whether to catch up with one long update or add one for each day . In the end I chose the latter so scroll down after this post to catch up since we arrived at Abingdon.
Well on the Southern Oxford canal now about 2 hrs cruise from Banbury. At Thrupp we were joind by Bones of canalworld fame up to Bakers lock and later we passed R&R in DICSOVERY No 1 moored at Ahyno. They had stopped because of the Rain. The forecast sunny periods and showers turned into Showers and then rain as the afternoon wore on. Todays pic is of the warning gauge at Bakers lock where the canal joins the River Cherwell. It shows that if the river rose another 2 inches it advises "Navigation With Caution" this at a time when the river is low due to the lack of rain it appears to be far too low in the water to be of practical use. Do I detect an over-cautious approach from BW on River Navigation. They will have to get used to river navigation if they are ever to manage the EA rivers in 2015 when they join the waterways trust. At this showing they will be shutting the rivers to navigation when normal flows return.

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