Friday, June 10, 2011

Nell Bridge to Thrupp

Miles 15.7 Locks 10
I am writing this blog update in the Jolly Boatman at Thrupp. For those of the Canalworld Forum, Maffi and Bones are sat at the table opposite talking with friends. We were away early from Nell Bridge to get to Ahyno wharf for diesel and water. The rest of the run down was in showers and sunny spells. After Pidgeon Lock M remembered we had some cherries left so we ate them and scattered the stones along the off side bank - so if there are a row of cherry trees there in 20 years time remember "Gralyn was here". Thrupp Visitor moorings were chocker so we had to squeeze in just past the pub as you can see in tonight's picture.

End Update

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Maffi said...

Hello Nice to see you again.

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