Monday, June 06, 2011

Brinklow to Napton

Miles 21.3 Locks 3
Woken at 3.30am by the invertor alarm going off, there is deffinately something wrong with the batteries - after changing the invertor it was the same Found one battery with bulging sides and ends so that could be the culprit. Removed the dud and set off towards Braunston where we hope to get two new batteries. We stopped breifly at the southern portal of Newbold Tunnel to dispose of our rubbish and as it was planned as a "Flying stop" I hauled up in the nearby bridgehole. Lo and behold there on the moorings not 20 Yds away was Roy outside his boat DISCOVERY No.1 so we stopped for longer and exchanged news. Hillmorton locks were all in our favour after bidding Roy and Ruth farewell. At Braunston we managed to get two new leisure batteries and stopped by Br 99 to fit them and then had a charging run to the visitor moorings below Napton locks.

Still poor signals so will have to wait to catch up on pictures.

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