Saturday, June 04, 2011

Barleston to Atherton Lock 2

Two days again as there was no signal last night. This update is being done at Fazely in the afternoon as I am not sure where we will be tonight. Those of you who know the canals will notice we are no longer on our way to Lincoln but have decided to go to the Thames instead.

Saturday 4th June 2011
Armitage to Atherton Lock 2
Miles 23.1 Locks 7
Not so hot today. we had a quick passage through Fradley and stoped at Streethey wharf for diesel and managed to get a decent photograph of "Milton Maid" now being used as a floating pontoon, a real climbdown from her pottery carring days on the Caldon Canal. At least she is still in use, we passed the sites of the factories she served a few days ago and they are either demolised and having housing built on the site of brownfield sites awaiting development.
Friday 3rd June
Barleston to Bridge 56 just south of Armitage.
Miles 23 Locks 15
The picture for today is the cafe alongside Heywood Lock

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