Sunday, June 12, 2011

Battened Down in Abingdon

Osney to Abingdon
Miles 9.2 Locks 4
As the post title suggests after a morning trip in the rain we moored at in Abingdon, put the remaining covers on, lit the fire and settled down to weather out the rain. I have loosened the mooring ropes in case the river rises, had dinner and will watch a DVD this evening. We travelled with the cover up for the first time today and it had earned its keep. With the sides off and the front and back windows rolled up we stayed relatively dry. Rope work at the locks was easy to do but I will have to wait for a wet day moving up river to see how well it works then. The forecast is for AM drizzel tomorrow so I will get the bus to the Didcot Railway Centre. There will be plenty of pictures I am sure. Most will be posted on Photobucket with a link from the blog.
This chap was seen by Newnham Rail Bridge
and later on one of these.

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