Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Abingdon to Wallingford Via Dorchester

Dorchester to Wallingford
Miles 4.2 Locks 1
A short run into Wallingford for our first trip to the laundrette. Moored on the opposite side to the town as we did last year. Shortly after lunch we had a quick chat with C&D from San Seriffe who were travelling upstream hoping to get to Abingdon today.

Wallingford Bridge looking downstream.

Abingdon to Dorchester
Locks 5 Miles 10.5
Before we left Abingdon we went up the lock for water and then turned to go back downstream.

The trees have been pollarded along the river giving a view seldom seen.

We had hoped to moor above days lock and walk into Dorchester but they were full. We found a spot bu the junction with the River Thame wich proved to be a shorter walk into the town.

Our Secluded overnight Moorings

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