Monday, July 07, 2008

Still @ Windsor

Miles 0 Locks 0
We dodged the rain and got our Senior Rail Cards and went on the train to London and had a ride on the London Eye. I took so many pictures it was quite difficult working out which ones to put in the blog. In the end just a general view of the Eye and another that I know that Pete W will appreciate. I bet he went on trips to Spurn Point on this just like I did, although both of us would have been too young to appreciate the " Bar Open" sign .

There has been lots of rain here when we got back, including a couple of thunder storms. The river level is varying by about a foot over the period of a couple of hours, I guess they have let the level down to take up any extra water due to the heavy rain. Same thing happened yesterday.
I also realised as we were writing some post cards that this is the longest continuous period that we have stayed on the boat just over 3 weeks and still more to do.

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