Thursday, July 24, 2008

Godstow to Pinkhill

Miles 5 Locks 3
This will be our last full day on the River Thames and we are at the same mooring where we spent our first night 30 days ago at Pinkhill. Pics of the lower lock landing and the lock with its “cottage” in the background. R& G in Shropshire Lass passed in the early afternoon, they are going up to Letchlade. Tomorrow we will make our way to the Oxford canal via Dukes cut and start our journey north. The Thames has been a smashing river to spend our first extended cruise, I was surprised by the increase in dutch barge style boats and wide beam “narrow boats”. There seem to be more places to moor but that may be we are getting to know the spots better as ths is our fourth visit. Nothing special in the wildlife spotting today, we did see what at first looked like a muskovy duck but it was all dark, could have been a “sport” I suppose.

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