Thursday, July 17, 2008

Henley to Beale Park

Miles 17.5 locks 6

We finally dragged ouselves from Henley and almost as soon as we were through Marsh Lock we saw what must be the Bird spot of the day. A black swan. in the company of two mute swans. I couldnt find it on the RSPB site so this one must do. after a short stop in Reading for Tesco and Better Boating for food and diesel in that order we continued upstream hoping to moor at Pangbourne - they were all taken so we cruised on up to Beale Park. It is hard to imagine that there have been two IWA National Festivals here as there are only about 6 places where you can get a boat alongside. Finally this has me guessing what is this bird ? I have looked in all our books and cannot come up with an answer. We have seen them on the River Avon too and occationally on the Macc.

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