Monday, July 14, 2008

Back to Cruising. Datchet to Cookham

Miles 11.9 Locks 5
The departure from Datchet this morning was less of a problem than I thought it would be, the boatyard had moved their boats round so that all I had to do was release the stern ropes and let the current swing the stern into the side and then cast off the bow and use the current to pull the bow out into the river. The flows were still strong with the current just below Bray lock being the strongest (about 2 mph I think). We did some swan spotting for the swan uppers who are coming up river to Cookham tomorrow. We were asked to report any swans with cygnets we saw once we had got to Cookham. Pictures tonight one from the wedding with the Bride and Groom and wedding party arriving at the reception and the recently erected wheel at Windsor (it wasn’t there when we left last Tuesday).

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