Friday, July 18, 2008

Beale Park to Wallingford

Miles 9.3 Locks 2
Hurrah we have managed to moor at Wallingford, not on the official moorings or the NT field but alongside Castle Meadow about a quarter of a mile upstream of the bridge over the river. And well worth the stop the town has still got all the shops that most towns have lost over to take-away and mobile phone shops. Picture is of the town hall by the market place which was in full swing behind me. Theatre on the left and a Waitrose tucked discreetly away on the right. We are back into red kite country with a vengeance we saw eight in the air all together above a field where hay making was in progress. We trogged to the outskirts of town to visit the preserved railway but although al the welcoming signs said the right thing it was closed. At least we got some exercise. For out treat tonight after tea we are going to have a walk over to the ruins of the castle although from here it just looks like grassed over piles of earth.

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