Saturday, July 07, 2012

Gurnett Aqueduct to Red Bull BW yard
Miles 15.9 locks 16
Yesterdays feeling that the gremlins were out was re-enforced this morning. Within half an hour of setting off we came upon a line of boats at Oak Grove with tales of woe that a tree had come down across the canal somewhere ahead. The diesel boat Alton was there too and he reported that the tree was down south of Fools Nook Swing Bridge but it would not be removed until Monday at the earliest. We went on to Fools nook and moored just south of the bridge and walked up to site of the fallen tree. One boat was waiting and the skipper had been on to CaRT (Canal and River Trust, the new name for British Waterways) who were sending out a contractor this morning to sort things out. By 11.15 boats were moving again and the tree was a pile of firewood when we went past. The weather has been a suprise as the sun has been out most of the day, I even put some factor 30 on my arms. That was until 4.30 as we were starting the Red Bull locks and then we had a downpour that didn't stop until after we had moored. Sorry no pictures yet I haven't got into the habit of carrying my camera all the time.

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