Friday, July 06, 2012

Friday 6 July  High Lane to Gurnett Aqueduct

Miles about 10, locks 0
At last we are off!. Our initial plan was to be away in the first week of June following a session of bottom blacking on the slipway at the NCCC. Weather and other boats with urgent need for the slipway delayed the bottom blacking to the 3rd week of June. Once we were back in the water the loading of supplies, diesel and other essential self rescue items went ahead with an eye on the weather. We waited and waited and finally decided that departure would be today whatever the weather. We spent Thursday night on the boat with a lot more optimism about the weather than the rest of the country and finally managed to get the back cover off in a lul only to have the rain return as we set off. Fate was not on our side either we had not managed to travel between bridges 12 and 13 on the Macc when I noticed that the rev counter was blipping all over the place . We stopped under Br 13 and tightened the alternator belt and set off only to find that as we had reversed to stop in the bridge hole we picked up a load of rubbish on the prop. Once that was sorted we continued in the rain to Gurnett aqueduct where after we had moored the rain finally stopped.
It was when I settled down to write up the daily log did I find that I only had 4 days of log sheets left and that I had left all the Nicholsons guides at home too, great planning I must admit. Still I suppose that we will manage to find our way up to Llangollen and then to Liverpool to try out the new link (and see the departure of the cruise liner Queen Elizabeth) and finally return home via the anticlockwise Four counties ring.
IF the weather hold up – but I suppose that is up to the Jet Stream.

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