Monday, July 09, 2012

Clive Green to Wrenbury
Miles 14.7 Locks 11
It appears that we moored overnight at Clive Green as we discovered from the SU Society leaflet on “Country Moorings 2012” that we picked up at Hurleston Top lock. It is a great leaflet giving the locations of all the 48 hr moorings that the society have been involved in creating or upgrading.
Apart from the locks at Hurleston, where we went straight up swapping locks with a boat descending, we had to queue. Sometimes as many as 3 waiting. At least you can carry on any conversation you started with other crews waiting at the next lock. Went for a walk into Wrenbury before tea to the post office and there was some form of Build a Figure competition going on. The Theme seemed to be linked with the Queen's Jubilee as there was a life size guardsman, The Queen in her car, George and the Dragon – couldn't work out where the figure all in black fitted in though.
Today's Pic show M taking Gralyn through the bywash flow at Baddiley lock No2. Earlier she had seen a cormorate fishing in a similar flow. 

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