Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rugely to Chatterley to Fools Nook

Miles 15.3 Locks 13
Our hard work of yesterday paid off, we were 3rd in the queue for the tunnel and had a good run up the Macclesfield canal to Bosley locks where we finished our climbing to the Macc summit level. We were intending to moor close to the top of Bosley locks but all the deep moorings were taken so we went on to Fools Nook. We had expected the water level to be a lot lower than we found, though the going is now the slowest we have been doing for our normal cruising revs, particularly in the bridge holes. Final run to High Lane tomorow.
Rugely to Chatterly
Miles 28 locks 15
Our hardest day so far we decided to do a "double day" to try to get home for Thursday afternoon or evening so that we would have Friday clear. As it turned out we needn't have bothered but we only found out after we had committed ourselves to the trip through Stoke on Trent. The queues at some of the locks were up to an hour long particularly at Colwick and later at Stone when everyone who had stopped for the heavy rain decided to set off after it had finished and just before we arrived.

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