Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bulls Bridge to Hampton Court Well Almost

Miles15.5 Locks 12
We set off this morning at to make sure we were down at Brentford in time to catch the tide. It was a good thing we had because below the first lock we came too No 90 the pound below was empty. Here we are refilling it.

It cost us a good half hour to refill the pound to the satisfaction of the lock keeper and we made our way to Brentford and had enough time to stop at the services and do a pump-out, get water and have a shower too!. Then through the curiously named Brentford Gauging lock.And just after 12.45 we were on the tidal section heading for the Thames.

We had a great tidal cruise to Teddington hitting 6 mph at one stage. At Teddington we started our climb up locks that will end at Clayton top lock north of Banbury on the Oxford Canal but that is days away. Teddington lock with some cruisers the crew of the one in front had a fit when the lock keeper wanted me to move further forward.
After Teddington we passed Richmond and a Rowing regatta at Kingston and thought that the moorings at Hampton court would be full so we stopped a good 3/4mile short by the pavilion.

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