Sunday, July 04, 2010

Cogenhoe to Stoke Bruerne

Miles14.7 Locks 25 1 Long Tunnel
We are now of the River Nene moored 2 locks south of the Waterways Museum at Stoke Bruerne. The final trip in the river was not without incident as the photo below shows. This attached itself to the prop just as we were leaving Weston Favel lock, It stopped the engine dead and one prop blade was embedded so far I had to split the log to get it off. I suppose it can be called the river's revenge as I had wrongly stated that all locks above Wellingborough Upper lock were guillotine gates, this is not true the last 3 are mitre top and bottom.
After we had joined the B W Northampton Arm we passed the " Northampton Lighthouse" a disused lift testing tower. It is said that the next highest point due East is in the Ural Mountains in Russia.
The long Tunnel was Blisworth where Canal traffic travels both ways in the tunnel.
And finally the Waterways museum at Stoke Bruerne

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