Saturday, July 24, 2010

At Ansty


Godstow to Upper Heyford

Miles 14 Locks 10

Our last few hours on the Thames ended at Kings Lock when we turned onto the Dukes Cut. The canal was very busy as soon as we got to Dukes lock there were boats queueing. Fortunately to come down as we were going up. For those who follow the Canalworld Discussion Forum we met Maffi at Thrupp just as we passed the lift bridge which has now been electrified. Later after we had moored up there came a tap on the roof and Mortimer Bones was passing and stopped for a chat.


Upper Heyford to Banbury

Miles 12.1 Locks 8

We have now got used once again to the routine of travelling the narrow canals, the engine revs that gave us a comfortable 4 mph on the rivers now only produce speeds of up to 3 mph if we are lucky. I fitted a rev counter before we set of and I have been keeping to a constant revs rather than a constant speed. This seems to keep the diesel consumption down.


Banbury to Napton Junction

Miles 22.4 Locks 20

The magnet of home exerts it pull ever stronger as we make our way north, We have had our longest day of cruising of this trip 11 hours. Today saw us reach Clayton top lock which is the summit of the climb we starter at Teddington on the Thames twelve days ago. It is downhill for now until we reach Fradley where we will begin our final climb to the Macclesfield canal top level. One more meeting with people only known via the internet. Today at Napton top lock by the Engine arm we met the crew of Harnser who have the distinction of being the only people to place a comment on this blog this year. We also passed and had a quick word with the crew of Shropshire Lass near the Folly pub just before Napton Junction.


Napton Junction to Ansty

Miles 23.3 Locks 3

Not such an early start today and an early finish and still we get the miles in. At Braunston turn we completed the big circle we started on the 3rd of June. The long run also gave us time to reflect on the trip and work out that we have cruised on part of the following rivers.

Nene, Great Ouse,Cam,Gade,Brent,Thames and Cherwell.

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