Friday, June 26, 2009

Post Script

Wednesday 24 June 2009.
I had to get a pull off of the mooring today (Thanks Keith) to allow me to dredge 7 more barrow loads of mud out of the mooring and even then the boat was still aground when I tried to moor up. I went in and out several times to push the mud aside until I can get round to more dredging.
Friday 26 June 2009
Cleanup day. We went to the boat and did a good clean out and got the vacuum cleaner going. The boat was still aground so I turned the boat around and tried flushing some of the mud out with the prop. The boat is moored on a more even keel now. I think I will still have to do some more dredging though.

This ends the daily updates so the blog will only be updated when we take the boat out. We expect to do another fortnight cruise sometime in July/August.

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