Thursday, June 04, 2009

At Stourport

No locks or miles to record today only a leaky waterpump that took all morning to take apart and reseal the pump housing with silicon sealing gunge. Hopefully that will sort it out . We will have to keep the furniture away fron the damp floor for a while.The offending pump after the repair being left for the silicon sealant to cure. We were quite lucky really I was reaching under the settee for my slippers and felt the floor was wet so out came the settee and drinks locker and the panel hiding the pump. If I had not noticed it we would have gone to Kiddeminster and found things much worse on our return. I am fairly sure it has only just happened as I have been reaching under the settee fairly regularly this trip. We went to Kidderminster after lunch by bus and found it a delightful place, the market was in full swing the sun was shining, the only down was that due to the waterpump fix this morning there was no time to go on the Severn Valley Railway - ah well we can try on our way back home.

This curious boat was featured in one of the Waterworld series it has 4 engines driving 4 propellers in ducts with the ducts at each end and side being able to force water out the end or side. Control was by a Joystick linked to a computer. The only problem I could see was if a plastic bag covered the duct water entry port at a vital point in a manouvre.
Thats all for tonight heading downstream on the River Severn tomorrow.

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