Sunday, June 14, 2009

Frampton to Upton

Miles 42.1 Locks 2 Days 4
We are back at Upton after leaving Gloucester Docks this morning. The speed of travel over the ground was about 3.5 mph coming upstream against the downward trip where the speed was more like 5.5 mph.

After leaving Frampton we went to Shepherds Patch and spent the day walking roung the bird sanctuary at Slimbridge - a smashing place to visit. In the evening we were joined by our friends on Columbus.
What an escort they had through Patch Bridge.
The day after Slimbridge we went on to Sharpness the most Southerly point of this cruise. We stopped off at Purton to See the Hulks of old barges that have been sunk at river bank protection

This ones for Pete. Look what we found in Sharpness Dock
We left Sharpness on Saturday morning after saying goodby to our friends on Columbus who continued down to Portishead via the tidal section of the Severn. They will be in Bristol floating Harbour by Now. Our journey took us back to Gloucester docks where we stayed last night and was oud departure point today. We have been told that we must leave the mooring by 9am tomorrow as BW are replacing the pontoons "By Crane" What is wrong with floating the new ones down and taking the old ones back to Diglis by water too.

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