Sunday, June 20, 2010

St Ives to Old West River Lazy Otter Pub

Miles 16.8 Locks 3
This is Holywell the last of the picturesque villages on our way down stream on the Great Ouse. shortly after this the river becomes tidal at Erith and the usual way back is via Hermitage Lock and the Old West River. I am still confused by Erith lock. when we went through on the way up I expected to lock down and we went up instead and this time I don't know what we did . It seemed that we went in, got the ropes on and the gates in front opened, no apparent change in level.
When we went through Erith we looked out for the seals but didn't see anything only the hear that there were 2 a short while later
Now at ref N 52.19.6 W 00.12.3 on the Old West River Close to the Lazy Otter Pub on the A10

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