Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ely to Pike & Eel Pub (near St Ives)

Miles 18.3 Locks 2

Photos from each end of our journey today, the first is the river frontage at Ely just before we set out. This is the GOBA mooring just upstream of the Pike & Eel pub just across the river from a village called Over. GOBA is the Great Ouse Boating Association. We were recommended to join as they have moorings up and down the river.

The trip has been one of contrasts, wide rivers at the start and end with the narrow bendy Old West River between Popes Corner and Hermitage Lock. The wildlife has changed too the wide rivers have terns and crested grebes whilst the narrow river had swans and mallards. At Ely there was a black swan swimming about and near 20 penny bridge we saw an oyster catcher.

In this shot we are alongside the Deisel dispensing boat at Westview Marina near Erith. I thought it was just a store for Junk until I went to the office and was told to moor the boat alongside "the cruiser with the pump in the cockpit

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