Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Huddlesford Junction t Atherstone

Miles 15.8 Locks 4
Only 4 locks today 2 just before lunch time at Glascote near Tamworth and the bottom two on the Atherston flight just before we moored up. We will be completing the ascent tomorrow with a pause below lock 5 to visit the shops in Atherston itself. For those readers who like to know exactly where we have been we have passed through “in the correct sequence” Whittington, Hopwas, Fazeley, Tamworth and its suburbs of Glascote and Ammington, Alvecote and Polesworth. For the aficionados of the railways these names may sound familiar as we are travelling alongside the West Coast Main line.
Have you ever wondered why it is always hard to put dry gloves on wet hands which has been the story of my life today steering in the rain , which, I think we have all had today. Changed gloves once because of them being soaked and numerous times to get things from my pocket. Still the forecast is for improvement from now on. I hope so I would hate it if we had one rainy day out of three for the next two months.

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