Sunday, August 09, 2009

Red Bull Basin to Wheelock

Locks 26 Miles 6.9
As I mentioned yesterday we were to pass under the aqueduct the we were moored by last night, here we are in a fine morning almost exactly 1/2 an hour after we set off
We are on the Trent and Mersey canal propper now heading North down Heartbreak Hill and very pleasant it has been. Unlike our earlier trip there are plenty of boats about and even better going the opposite direction to us , which meant locks ready when we get there, or not having to close off the ones we are leaving. Below is a pic of the boat about to leave lock 55
We arrived in Wheelock just after 3.30 so we have been sitting out in the sun watching the boats go by
Wheelock the bottom of Heartbreak Hill and on good authority ther are showers in the service block now and you dont even need a BW Card to activate them.

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