Thursday, August 13, 2009

Anderton to Dunham Massey via Lymm and Altrincham

Miles 29 Locks 1 Tunnels 3 Days 2

There was no internet connection at Lymm last night so we it is two days blog tonight. We went through three tunnels yesterday the first Barnton , the southern portal below
And almost reaching the northern end
Then Saltersford tunnel nearby with the kink that makes it difficult to see the other end
and finally Preston Brook, the southern portal below.

Then we are on the Bridgewater canal one designed to accommodate wide beam craft as the Water Womble the boat from the Lorenz boatyard the goes along picking the rubbish out of the canal
Our mooring last night was at Lymm

Today we went to the market at Lymm before setting out towards Manchester. It is very pleasant being able to cruise along in wide deep water. We went as far as Altrincham to visit B&Q for some bits. Then we turned round an headed the way we had just travelled to meet up with some friends, the final mooring near Dunham Massey where the BBQ came out for the first time. Tomorrow we will be heading back towards Anderton for a trip down the lift and onto the R. Weaver

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