Tuesday, August 18, 2009

On the River Weaver

Most of the mooring places on the R. Weaver are out in the sticks where the signal level is poor therefore this blog entry covers several days.
Sat 15 August
Miles 6.0 Locks 0 Boat Lift 1 The Upper entry to the Anderton Boat Lift
In the cassion at the top of the lift before we descend.

Looking up - going down.

The opposite cassion almost at the top

Looking back at the lift on the way to Northwich
Sunday 16 August
Miles 3.3 Locks 2
and even those were worked for us. we sailed through Hunts lock and Vale Royal Lock to the Vale Royal moorings for our overnight stop.

Monday 17 August
Miles 6.1 Locks 2
Back through Vale Royal and Hunts lock and downstream of the Anderton Lift to Barnton Moorings and a luvly BBQ
Just left Hunts Lock

Looking back at Northwich Town moorings with Cindy and Petralee on the opposite bank

Passing the Anderton Boat Lift

Lunch Break at Acton Bridge.

About to go down at Dutton Locks.

Big Boats below Dutton Locks.

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