Thursday, June 19, 2008

Polesworth to Bridge 5 on the Northern Oxford Canal

Miles 17.9, Locks 12
Shortly after we had set off from Polesworth I saw a Tufted Duck on the canal. Unlike Mallard who see any boat as a “get food here” sign this duck was very shy and always stayed in front of the boat for about 100 yds then flew off, so sorry no picture. The pictures for tonight are the dressed dummies the lock keeper at Atherstone surrounds his cottage and top lock with. The Atherstone flight was very slow and busy and afrter the first two we had to queue at each one. The stretch of canal after Nuneaton has become very overgrown and the views we had a few years ago are now obscured. At Hawksbury Junction (Sutton’s Stop) we did our final lock and moored close to the arm of the Northern Oxford canal that is the HQ of the Coventry Cruising Club...

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