Saturday, June 28, 2008

Letchlade to Ferry Boat Inn

Miles 20.3 Locks 7
Coming downstream with the wind behind we have done in one day what it took two to do going upstream. We have moored by the Ferry Inn at Bablock Hythe. Where there is a large caravan park and moorings. Thank goodness that no-one shouts at you to slow down as it is a narrowboat makes much less wash on the river than the cruisers and their wash hardly has any effect on moored boats. Just before we moored I tried to see what speed we could get up to but chickened out at 5.5 mph as the limit is 5mph still there seemed to be plenty of power still to go. Most moorings are on quite high banks so we have to get at least one end in to allow M to get off. Pictures tonight Halfpenny Bridge @ Letchlade and a lock keepers “cottage” that all the fuss is about as the EA want to sell them off.

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