Saturday, June 21, 2008

Braunston to Cropready

Miles 20, Locks 18
We have now climbed to the summit of the Southern Oxford canal and we are now on our way down the Cherwell valley to the Thames. This is still a few days away as we intend to spend a couple of days in Banbury and slow things down a bit. Like everyone else we have had the rain, the worst sort for boating and lock working, that is the kind that covers your glasses very quickly so you can’t see out. I took mine off for a while today so I didn’t have to keep wiping them clear. Today pic is of a typical lift bridge on the Southern Oxford this one and many others are in a permanently “open to boats” position, some have the deck across the canal and it takes a lot of effort pulling them open and keeping them open if you are lightweights like us.

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