Friday, March 25, 2011

2011 The blog starts

I hope that all the leaks caused by the low temperatures have been fixed. I found two - one behind the kitchen area cupboard and one in the toilet (You have guessed already haven't you) yes behind the cupboard again but you only had to be a contortionist to get to the first, the second required dismantling the cupboard first.

We have had two short cruises so far this year, one a short trip from High Lane to Higher Poynton and back and the other on the NCCC opening cruise to Bridge 20 and back. Both times the weather was fair with the rain stopping just a hour before the start of the Opening cruise.

Plans for this year include a trip to the Caldon Canal, Bugsworth Basin for Easter and for the main cruise Lincoln and the R Witham to Boston and onto the South 40ft Drain via the new tidal Link. After that on the return the R Soar through Leicester and up the Foxton Locks and on to Braunston and then ?????? who knows ------ the R Thames is only a few days away from there via the Southern Oxford Canal. Watch this space.

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