Monday, April 19, 2010

On the Slip

Disaster! the engine water pump failed as we were running the engine last Sunday. We had stayed on board overnight and were recharging the batteries when all of a sudden a cloud of steam from the engine compartment. A quick word with our local mechanic and a new pump was on order. I decided to replace our existing 45 amp alternator at the same time for one with a higher capacity whilst work was going on in the same area.
We had decided to black the bottom of the boat before we go on our extended summer cruise and a slot was booked on the NCCC slipway for early May. Last week I had a call asking if I could move to the slot for Monday 19th April (today) as the boat due for this week couldn't be done and needed a little more time before it would be convenient. A quick call to the mechanic to check that the water pump and alternator could be fitted for Monday was met with a sigh and a promise that it would be done in time to move up to the slip by 11 am. As it turned out the water pump proved to be more difficult a job than anticipated and the work was still being done as the boat was polled from its moorings to the slipway and during the pull up.

On the slip with the bottom just having been pressure washed

The alternator is still being fitted at this stage hence the engine space hatch cover still being up. What looks like a flying bridge on the roof is really the step/seat we have at the back of the cruiser stern deck.

I decided that as most of the wear seemed to be around the waterline some extra priming should be done in that area. Hopefully the first coat of bitumen paint will be going on tomorrow after the hull has been sanded

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